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City Car Driving Home Serial Number

Glad to see privacy issues/police oversight is still being covered by PAOnline. Here is what I'd like to know before supporting ALPRs: how is information being stored and secured? How long? Who can access it? Can it be sold to third party?Some scenarios to think about: what if your insurance provider asked for this info to validate your driving patterns before an accident? What if you were being sued in civil court and this information was subpoenaed? How would you feel if one of these cameras was at an intersection next to your home and it captured every time you left your driveway?

city car driving home serial number

Mike --You Worte: "The only ones who might take issue with this type of surveillance are soft on crime progressives who believe criminals are the true societal victims."FYI, I am neither a progressive nor do I believe criminals are victims. Please do not characterize individuals so quickly and indiscriminately.I do believe we need to preserve our privacy -- and it's getting more difficult to do that. As "starting home" pointed out, "How would you feel if one of these cameras was at an intersection next to your home and it captured every time you left your driveway?It's okay if police have their scanners, but this city must make sure they are used vary carefully all the t time -- this year, and next, and nets.Diana

Cost factors aside, the ALPRs are a pro-active measure on the part of the police to identify and discriminate against people of color who may or may not belong in certain areas where affluence tends to prevail (e.g. Stanford Shopping Center & the nicer Palo Alto neighborhoods).It is yet another example of blatant racial profiling targeting black people driving expensive cars that again, may or may not belong to them.ALPRs represent a numbers game geared towards stopping and apprehending a certain percentage of presumed suspects based on outward appearances.Fiscal and liberal-minded Palo Altans should further address and question this matter as it is merely an electronic surveillance extension of southern police practices."If these ALPDs are truly an infringement on personal freedom, the ACLU will get involved along with advocacy groups for people of color from lower socio-conomic backgrounds."^ Most likely...can Palo Alto afford yet another lawsuit, this time based on police-initiated racial profiling and unwarranted stops for questioning?

When I listened to the city council discussion Monday night, it was mentioned that about 20 license plate readers would be bought. They mentioned sensors at entrance to the city from neighboring cities, along University Avenue, and along El Camino. If I understood correctly, a stolen license plate (apparently many crimes recently have involved stolen cars) passing a sensor would trip some sort of alert (I'm not sure exactly how). Police could then be on the lookout for this stolen car. If a stolen car passes the sensor entering Palo Alto on University Avenue and decides to steal catalytic converters or enter homes in the nearby neighborhood, would police get there in time to prevent theft? Several recent thefts have occurred in the Stanford Shopping Center parking lots. Since Stanford is extremely wealthy, why don't they pay for extra security guards and roving security vehicles in the parking lots? Why does Palo Alto have to pay for this? A woman business owner on Emerson Street said that she paid about $2000 each for 2 sensors on her street, along with a fee of about $99 per month. She said she was happy with the results. This seems much less expensive than the police sensors. Can Apple, for example, do the same thing near their University Avenue location? I appreciated that Eric Filseth and Mayor Burt mentioned the importance of privacy for all people passing the sensors. The police said that license plate records would only be kept for 30 days. They said that this information would not be shared with federal agencies like ICE for deportation purposes. In one webinar I saw earlier this year, one town in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas (maybe McAllen??) has license plate sensors. These are being used by ICE to deport people. I know that our privacy has already been compromised through online data, but shouldn't we fully discuss this technology before giving up more of our privacy? I'm glad that the city council didn't finalize a plan at their last meeting.

@staying home...Stanford University might need some added surveillance as well but that is for the university officials to propose and implement. Sexual assaults are serious matters and upon arrest/conviction, the assailant(s) should be punished to the fullest extent of the law (i.e. lifetime imprisonment).White collar crime tends to be non-violent offenses that involve graft, tax evasion, embezzlement, 'cooking the books' or insider trading.Perhaps the undereducated criminal elements from poorer backgrounds and cities should consider getting a degree in accounting rather than resorting to physical violence which often results in physical injury or death.A civilized society has no need for sociopaths and violent criminals regardless of their socio-economic background or ethnicity.And those who cannot adhere to the simple requirement of maintaining human decency should be locked-up upon conviction.

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