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Bulat Kondratyev
Bulat Kondratyev

E Sword Afrikaans Bible

The modules are normally in Zip or GZip format. If you are using MySword 2.2 or older, please unzip first and copy to MySword modules path (/sdcard/mysword by default). MySword 2.3 and up can already automatically unzip Zip and GZip modules when you start MySword so you just need to copy the Zip/GZip files to the modules path and restart MySword.

E Sword Afrikaans Bible


MySword 11.1 now also supports non-encrypted ESword, MyBible, The Word and USFM bibles and modules. Just place the modules (zipped or not) in mysword folder in the Internal Storage and restart MySword. The following are supported:

I was introduced to Come and Reason Ministries by accident, via a passing comment made in a bible study class we were visiting. I checked this website out and my life was changed. The understanding of the truth of God's character, and how we apply it, is so right. The tricky part is consistently applying which "lens" to look through. As I began to understand, I started sharing the basics of this understanding with a discussion group I was leading and, suddenly, a lot of things started to make sense that never used to. At the same time, I enjoyed an amazing opportunity. I was able to conduct a full bible study at WORK! What an amazing experience! It is such a joy to share the truth about God and to share how it all fits in the war between God and Satan. So many people benefit when we have a correct understanding about how God works and who He really is! Thank you for this transformational understanding. Keep up the good work! God Bless you!

My heart thrills when I listen to your bible study lessons. Literally I have gone from death to life. It is a journey I look forward to every day, as God reveals areas this distortion affects. Praise GOD! I will ever be grateful to God for this ministry and your cooperation with the Spirit!

I just want to tell you how blessed I have been reading "The Remedy!" It has become a daily part of my devotional relationship with God. In it I have found a God of love and a God that loves me! The bible has come alive for me! It is the first time that I can say that I have felt hope fill my heart as I have read God's word. This is good news I can share! Thank you, Dr Jennings! Thank you for your heart for others. I can't put into words how this has set me free! It has strengthened my trust and love for God.

You have helped make sense of thirty two years of confusion. The material you freely provide reorganized so much of my life into such a beautiful pattern that has always been hinted at from within, but misguided with my training and what I was experiencing externally. My filipno parents, who were converted from Catholicism to SDA, were sincere and did their best to raise me the right way and I have deep respect for them. However, being immigrants and not understanding the language made for a difficult transition as I was growing up, which also applied to my spiritual growth as I learned the patterns of religion. I have been listening to as many bible study classes and reading blog posts as my time in a work truck will allow, searching for the practical applications of where spirituality and reality meet, and I thank you for helping me find that. You have helped me reach a point in which I can truly say that I love God, that I believe He loves me, and, like David, I delight in His law. God bless.

E-sword Provides for free its Bible software as well as many Bibles in different languages (most of them for free, except for some specialized translations in English). Download first its main program and then the Bible of the language of your choice.

These three bibles are maintained my softProjector team for special verse correspondences so that all text between any two versions, would properly show on the screen. All other Bibles may not have proper verse correspondence between each other.

hi grnqrtr i have also installed e-sword on ubuntu, but the app does not display text, neither bible,dicts nor commentaries. the instalaltion appears to be healthy exept for the text?? pleez help kens

I'm not sure how to fix your specific problem; I've never encountered that before. I installed e-sword through wine using this script -> -sword-installer It automatically checks for the correct version of wine and installs e-sword 9.0.3. You can also install add-ons and backup your e-sword files with the script. I hope that helps, maybe you just need to reinstall it.

>Thank you. I put my toe in the water with an Instructable on "Learn New >Testament Greek" (mentioned in this Instructable a couple of times). The >intent in both was not to preach, but to give useful information.These days it doesn't seem to matter. You mentioned. . .gasp! . . . the BIBLE! "OFF with his digital noggin!" :->>There was one caustic comment, but it disappeared after a few short >hours. It is to the credit of both the moderators and the people who are >registered at Instructables that everyone is very respectful of others, of their >submissions, and of their ideas. I have not seen that in other places on the >Net.You're right. This IS a somewhat statistically 'special' site/place. That's specifically why I registered (given that I don't register for many sites at all).>Did you use e-Sword's Training instruction, or did you just start out and >follow your nose, like I did?I nosed my way in like most people did in the early days of e-sword. I found the program doing a search for computer bible/Koran/Talmud/etc. software programs. Religion, politics and sociology (along with tinkering) fascinate me. Maybe one day I'll build my own ark or tower of Babel. :-)

The Sword project has a pocket bible called jsword I think it is if you are interested. Also I have found that Bible link works portable if you want to spend some money - jsword probably the better option

Thanx, but actually, I'm not too interested in j-sword, becuz1) It's *already* available in a portable form as is, w/o having to resort to java implementations,and2) I'm not too impressed with the "Sword Project" Bible software that it's based on. I really don't care for the interface - too Windows 3x-ish, for starters.

jsword is based on Java and would require some additional help (aka java install on the host OS or java on the thumb.) Open source Java is available and could easily be made portable, so that is a possibility. I too am not a fan of jsword or the SWORD project, because they do not currently have many modern translations, commentaries, dictionaries, etc. E-Sword has them beat on this.E-Sword does not have a free OSI license, and Rick likes to keep programming tight in hand from what I can tell. It is programmed heavily leaning on Microsoft Access and all its modules use either Access or RTF formats. I have not looked for it recently, but a search of this forum should link you to a portable launcher for e-sword, that I have been using since October or November. It stores the registry info in the folder with e-sword on my USB, but there are a few little issues. I don't know code, so I could not tell you how to improve on this setup, but it is fairly stable and works for me. I believe the actual launcher was called portable e-sword beta 0.7. And a warning, it does require signing up on a yahoo group to get access to the file, but anyone with a yahoo account will find that painless and easily reversible.

"a search of this forum should link you to a portable launcher for e-sword, that I have been using since October or is fairly stable and works for me...I believe the actual launcher was called portable e-sword beta does require signing up on a yahoo group to get access to the file, but anyone with a yahoo account will find that painless and easily reversible."----------------------------Yeah, I remember that - it was that "signup for yahoo groups" bit that turned me off.Na ga da ("not gonna do it").

Well, I don't see how identity theft or spam come into play. They do not require an e-mail addy, since they are giving one. The only information that you need to be truthful about is addy you want and password, since once you have these, you can use them for everything else.I don't mean to sound callous to your plight, but this is not the transaction to be worried about identity theft. There are no personal numbers exchanging hands unless you are truthful about your birthdate. (which is only used for account validation if you forget your password.)As for spam. If you are only using the address for this one thing, what does spam factor in. Use the addy this once and then let it fall off (which happens after a few months of no login.) I had a friend who was murdered by a stalker who had assumed her identity. I understand the fear, I just think this is misplaced here...If you are really that concerned...

And Ryan clarified it well for me. When you sign up for anything at Yahoo, they give you a yahoo id, when you sign up for that, there is an option to get a yahoo mail account. If you go that route, you don't give them anything but a smile, and thank you. Oh and whatever password you want to use with your yahoo id. Very anonymous. I almost signed you up for one myself, but then figured this would breach their ToS. And after all we are Christians trading info on Bible software.

I was going to say Whoa, what have you got on that thing and then I looked at mine and it is 1.56 GB, so I may not be the best to ask. Usually though, I would think on a thumb drive, you would use just a few bibles, one good greek and hebrew text, and just your better commentaries and dictionaries, one devotional, one reading plan, maybe only a topic or two that you are studying, and if you are doing sermon planning a good illustration topic or commentary.The maps usually aren't needed, or at least not all of them, and the STEP files tend to be large and again should be limited. With the .bbl's usually taking the most space, cutting out some of the obscure ones or redundant like MKJV and KJV2000 with and without Red Letter might help.As for UPXing, I believe I did UPX all of the .exes in that folder and the single .dll I had, but some of them did not compress well, and they were the already smallish. The biggest space wasters in there are .top files. I carry only the ESV, HCSB, KJV, and JOB and LXX, with Brown Driver Briggs, and Fausset, for dictionaries, with 2 commentaries that I switch in and out, one devotional and one reading plan on my mp3 player, which is a 2 GB. I don't have it with me, but it doesn't take up much space. 041b061a72


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