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Best Online Site To Buy Diamonds [CRACKED]

Who Should Buy From Tiffany & Co.If you need to own the branded best and can afford it, Tiffany engagement rings are hard to beat. For everyone else, there are better options for similar quality diamonds at lower prices.

best online site to buy diamonds

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James Allen is also a fantastic place to buy fancy shaped diamonds (shapes other than round). It has a superb collection of other shapes - larger than a lot of other online retailers. It also carries fancy colored diamonds and gemstones.

Whiteflash's grading standard is extremely stringent. To qualify for the A CUT ABOVE line, a diamond must perfect ratings in light performance, symmetry, and polish. These diamonds truly represent the best of the best.

Their prices may be priced a little higher than other online jewelers. It also has a nice selection of ethical lab-created diamonds at cheaper prices. Brilliant Earth offers free 30-day return,[8] lifetime warranty, and 100% lifetime upgrade.

Brian Gavin: for quality, super ideal diamonds. Brian Gavin is the leading authority on super ideal hearts & arrows diamonds. It offers some of the best quality diamonds at affordable prices. Every diamond from Brian Gavin has true hearts & arrows patterning, is AGS Triple 0 certified, eye clean, and conflict-free. It offers a range of product lines to suit different budgets.

Leibish & Co.: for fancy colored diamonds. If you're in the market for a colored diamond, Leibish & Co. is the place to go. This jeweler specializes in fancy colored diamonds and has one of the largest online collections. They offer both loose diamonds (in any color, shape, and size) and diamond jewelry specially designed to bring out the best of the diamond.

Lower price: A website doesn't have the same overhead costs of a physical retail store. In our independent study, we found that online stores have prices up to 50% lower. Many sites also don't collect sales tax outside their state.

Chain jewelers have massive overhead to keep the large stores running, so they set much higher prices. For the same size and quality diamond, they can cost up to 50% more than online stores. If you're most concerned with price, then an online retailer will be the best choice.

Further, diamonds had been marketed as a woman\'s best friend until then and it is almost always impossible to change the target market without changing the product in any substantial way. Of course, other factors such as gender roles and limited access to financial resources for women probably played a part as well.

Blue Nile used to have the largest online diamond inventory, but James Allen has surpassed it in recent years. James Allen has over 520,000 loose diamonds, while Blue Nile carries over 470,000 loose diamonds. Both offer:

But James Allen's website is more user-friendly (in our opinion). We really like that the diamond listing shows large previews of each actual diamond. This makes it easy to zero-in on the best-looking diamonds for a closer look.

For example, we searched for a 1-carat, Princess-cut diamond on both sites. We used Clarity: VS1, Color: G, and Cut: Very Good. With these specs, Blue Nile's diamonds started at around $4,500. On James Allen, comparable stones were priced between $500 and $700 less.

When it comes to buying diamonds and diamond jewelry online, consumers face a dizzying array of choices in terms of quality, styles and price points. And they also face the uncertainties of buying something sight-unseen. So how can you protect yourself? How safe is it to buy diamonds online?

In this post, we turn to guest blogger and industry veteran, Dawn Moore, who mined her contacts for insights on how to buy diamonds online and ensure the best online shopping experience. Here she reveals the five essential things you need to keep in mind as you shop online.

We like this family-owned company for many reasons, including that they give a 10% bonus when you send in your shipment within a week. Diamonds USA also buys all sizes of diamonds, including small stones. More later on why we think DiamondsUSA is the best diamond buyer.

Worthy is unique because it's not a direct buyer, but a marketplace, meaning the company helps you sell your diamonds in an online auction where buyers bid on your item. More on Worthy in this review.

Headquartered in Houston, Diamond Buyers is a local and online business that purchases diamonds and diamond jewelry. Though online customer reviews for are virtually nonexistent, its parent company, Shaftel Diamonds, has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (accredited since 2001) and has been in business since 1978. Shaftel Diamonds has 4.6 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot.

You can get a free estimate on your diamonds from Diamond Buyers by filling out an online form, or you can visit their storefront location in Houston to get a cash offer from one of their GIA-trained gemologists.

The jewellery brand best known for its collectable charms has struck out into the glittering world of lab-grown diamonds. Pandora Brilliance offers sustainable stones set in elegant, timeless designs, made for strong, ambitious women - model Ashley Graham and actress Rosario Dawson are ambassadors.

A global brand with showrooms from Munich to Mumbai, Baunat offers fine natural diamond jewellery and rings online, with everything made in the diamond capital of the world, Antwerp in Belgium. They promise all diamonds are sourced from 100 per cent natural, certified and conflict free suppliers. Browse jewellery and watches along with a sizeable engagement ring selection.

Grown Brilliance specializes in lab-grown diamonds at low prices and strives to give users the best possible experience while shopping for sustainable diamonds. Have they succeeded? Keep reading our Grown Brilliance review to learn the answer.

We have updated our 2022 Grown Brilliance review to reflect the many recent updates that Grown Brilliance has made it its site, diamond offerings, and services. Keep reading our review of Grown Brilliance to learn how they stack up to the competition and if they have managed to join the ranks for the best places to buy lab-grown diamonds.

All in all, our Grown Brilliance review finds that they offer excellent prices, a fantastic collection of fine and designer jewelry, a great selection of quality lab-created diamonds, and superior diamond inspection features. As a result, our Grown Brilliance review lands at a 4.7 out of 5 stars, and Grown Brilliance joins our list of the top-rated lab-grown diamond jewelers and is our pick as the best place to buy a lab-created diamond engagement ring.

Grown Brilliance was born an Amazon-first brand but has matured into a fully-fledged online diamond jeweler offering many of the premium features as leading established jewelers do. They now focus on selling through their own website, offering fantastic customer service and support.

Grown Brilliance started out online only but has just opened its first retail store on 5th Ave. in Manhattan, NY. You can set up appointments to visit them at their retail store on their website starting November 2022. Grown Brilliance still primarily sells through its own website,, and on Amazon. Generally, that means costs are lower, which is reflected in their prices. Keep reading our Grown Brilliance review to learn if they are the right place to buy lab-grown diamonds for you.

The expert diamond content on the site, including about lab-grown diamonds, is not as built out as some competitors. We would have liked to see Grown Brilliance dedicate more resources to information about lab-created diamonds. However, we appreciate that they have invested in educating consumers about the false promise of conflict-free diamonds and the societal impact of mining. The rest you can read here at

However, many diamond sellers do not use the best diamond cut when choosing diamonds for pre-set jewelry (a notable exception is Ritani). Many jewelers handily omit the diamond cut grade when listing the other 4Cs of the pre-set jewelry. You will therefore have to ask their support to tell you. Is Grown Brilliance an exception?

Do remember that IGI grades most lab diamonds (see more below), and their best cut grade is ideal. For that reason, we generally advise you to pick your own diamonds from their loose diamond inventory, as we also teach you in our guide to buying the perfect lab-grown diamond. Remember, the best cut grade for most lab-grown diamonds is ideal.

In some cases, you could also get a diamond with an ideal cut grade, and Grown Brilliance has assured us that they use the best possible diamonds available at the time of production. If that is the case, we would be more inclined to recommend their pre-set diamond pairings, but, in general, we would still advise that you pick a diamond yourself.

Grown Brilliance also sells pre-set jewelry, such as earring studs and tennis bracelets, but prices are more difficult to compare since sellers tend not to match those with the best or even similar diamonds. Generally, prices tend to run higher than Clean Origin, but Grown Brilliance pairs its jewelry with higher-quality diamonds.

Throughout our Grown Brilliance review, we have been positively surprised. Compared to our previous review of Grown Brilliance, which was also very positive, we have seen a lot of additional new features propelling Grown Brilliance onto the list of the best places to buy lab-grown diamonds.

Worthy is a diamond seller that provides objective third-party grading and secure shipping for your items. They let you sell diamonds through an online auction that targets various interested buyers throughout the network. 041b061a72


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