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I learned this life hack a while ago. We’ve heard it time and time again…you reap what you sow, treat people the way you want to be treated, karma comes back around. 🔁

So why is it that when we want something, we choose to beg for it rather than commanding it by operating in that energy? 🤔

You want more love from your partner? give more love…raise the frequency. 💕

You want more financial gains? invest, save and spend wisely, give to poor…operate in wealth energy. 💰

You want peace? become it, disconnect from unruly beings, find a center of solace…create that vibration from within. ☮️

It’s not about doing something for something else in return, it’s about altering your vibrations to the point where you constantly operating and reacting on a higher frequency…🧘🏿‍♀️

Everything is in your energy! 🌀

Be the love

Be the joy

Be the peace

Be the abundance

Be the patience

Be the frequency you wish to receive 🌻💛

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