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Seraphim Yefimov

Baby Love BEST

You can now see your unborn baby in live 4D motion with a 3D or 4D ultrasound at Baby Love Ultrasound in League City. We use cutting edge ultrasound technology to bring images of your unborn baby to life. You can actually see what your baby is going to look like before he or she is born! Our 3D, 4D & HD ultrasound packages provide a positive experience between the mother, father, family members and the unborn baby.

Baby Love

Our GE Voluson with HD Live technology ultrasound machine has been seen in television commercials and many printed articles from around the world. This machine is the best 2D, 3D, 4D and HD ultrasound machine available. The HD technology will give you unparalleled quality images of your baby that you have to see to believe.

Just as the name implies, it is the plus for the family with a new baby, women who are in the preconception (never been pregnant) and prenatal (pregnant) stage of life, and for fathers or male partners. Triad Baby Love Plus (TBLP) Family Care Coordinators and Family Outreach Workers will assist you by making connections with community partners in Forsyth County and Winston-Salem. The program links moms, babies and dads with important health care and support services. This is a free program that is designed to improve the health of women, improve birth outcomes, and improve father/male partner involvement.

Please note the shipping method selected will not expedite your order's production time. Expedited shipping only expedites the shipping process once your order has been fulfilled. If you have a rush order request, please send us an email to and we will do our best to accommodate your request asap.

I decided to look thru their website and I found one of the necklaces I really liked so I gave it a try and ordered. I received the baby love moyen heart necklace on August 14th and I have been wearing it ever since then. It is one of my favorite necklaces ever, I love it. To make it even more special I had my boys initials engraved on it. Thank you Baby Gold for a very nice piece of jewelry.

Always 14K solid gold, we create our fine jewelry sustainably in our family-owned factory in Downtown Los Angeles, California. This way, we are able to cut out traditional mark-ups to offer authentic pricing, bringing you the highest quality pieces to love and cherish for decades to come.

Some customers report that our swimwear may run small; if you're in-between sizes, we recommend ordering the next size up. If you are outside of any of the size ranges below or have any questions about these measurements, please email us at and we'll help you find the right fit!

When a lovely young colleague of mine announced that she was expecting, of course, I was keen to make her a quilt for her new arrival. Having a baby is, after all, a very special life event. When I was thinking about the design of the quilt I wanted it to represent something special about Mother and Child. I thought about the child in utero and the love a mother has for her baby and that was how I came up with the idea of the heart inside a heart. The small baby heart to represent the baby, wrapped in the big heart of her Mother.

"Amazing! I have shopped online and in store and enjoy every time I shop with Babylove. I love their array of different products and brands available. The staff are very knowledgeable which is great because most of my visits are gifts for friends."

"I love to shop here when I am in New Plymouth. It is the best child/ baby mum shop in the country and my go to place for gifts. So many things I have never seen anywhere else. But I can also vouch for the fact that their online ordering and delivery service is exceptional. First class customer service."

"Love this shop. It's like a warm embrace of all stuff baby related. The staff are friendly, there is so much cool merchandise, and such a neat set up. Every time I visit New Plymouth a trip to Babylove is included."

On May 16, 2015, Grande posted a picture on Instagram with the caption "baby loves, I'm tryna talk to you ?".[2] Two weeks later, she tweeted more lyrics from the song ("there's a boy and I don't quite know what to do").[3] Grande confirmed that the lyrics were for the intro song of her third album, not from the song "Moonlight" as fans thought.[4] However, when Grande released her album Dangerous Woman, the song did not appear.

I have loved everything that I've purchased so far! The solid footies have been a staple since coming home from the hospital. They are the perfect fit and keep my winter babe nice and warm. We own them in every color option available in newborn, as well as the next two sizes up.

Beautiful well made clothing. Zipper is from bottom to top which is a must for baby clothing. Super soft. Shipping was very fast. Website is very easy to use and navigate. They have a huge selection to chose from. Will be purchasing many more items from this wonderful company

I've been purchasing clothing from L'ovedbaby for years and have never been disappointed. I love the quality of the clothing as well as the easy communication with the company. The seasonal collections always offer something fun and unique. Most recently I purchased from the Little Punkin collection and love my son's punny carrot outfit.

A Baby Love Dragon is born each time a couple pledges true love to one another. As love grows, so does the baby dragon, guarding and protecting the lovers. Their color is more light than adult Love Dragons and they are capable of short flights just moments after birth.

Help your baby sleep better with our escape-proof newborn swaddle to calm their startle reflex throughout the night. Then transition to free arms without constant night waking by snuggling them into the original Sleepy Hugs sleep sack and Hands In & Out sleep sack. Then help your active toddler get better sleep with our Sleepy Toddler onesie sleepsuit. Gentle and effective sleep solutions for all stages of your baby's development!

"One of the biggest differences I find in your sleep suit versus the others is that breastfeeding is a lot easier, my baby can still wrap their body around you and maintain a more natural position. Wish it had been around for my other two kiddies!" - Bronwyn Spencer

"The Sleepy Hugs is AMAZING! My 7 month old is sleeping so much better. I had tried transitioning her with one arm out but she kept waking during the night. She can roll in the new sleep suit and still feel secure. I love your product!" - Vanessa Dunn

The Calendula Baby Love Gift Set contains: Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash 200mlGive baby's delicate skin and hair the perfect balance of cleansing and moisturising. Organic almond oil prevents dryness. Suitable for babies and children. Calendula Body Lotion 200mlWith extracts of organic calendula, this body lotion gently cared for and nourishes delicate skin, making it feel velvety soft. Supports the skin's natural functions and is quickly absorbed. Calendula Nappy Change Cream 75mlRich cream with organic calendula and chamomile extracts, sweet almond and sesame oils calm irritated skin and reduce redness. Zinc oxide and lanolin provide a barrier against dampness. Gently cares for and protects the nappy area. 041b061a72


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