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Seraphim Yefimov
Seraphim Yefimov

Holzher Campus Cnc Software PORTABLE Downloads

I am using here Holzher Promaster 7018 CNC router machine with Campus (HOPS) software. I want to know in ArtCam having post processor *.con File for my machine.The Campus softwere accept only one type of files , *.hop.In my ArtCAM there exist 3 types of con files for Holzher MachinesHolz-Her-Conquest 510 w/ATC (*.tap)Holz-Her-Conquest 250 w/ATC (*.tap)Holz-Her -Master TC(*.TWN). none is for my Holzher promaster 7018. when i export the toothpath using any of the three holzher files , It exports *.twn or *.tap files. I tried to change the file extension to *.hop , but the Campus software read it as empty file.So what I need is a *.con file for my machine, that enables me to export a file *.hop .My artcam version is :AboutAUTODESKARTCAMAutodesk ArtCAM Standard 2018Version 2018.0.0Build 2017-03-30-0901-b7123cac7I attached two project files , each project has a cad file , and a hop file generated from campus software, and few images for finished wood finished pieces.

Holzher Campus Cnc Software Downloads


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