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Seraphim Yefimov

[S7E8] Viewing Party

Stars Hollow weirdness:The townies are completely absent, so we'll focus on Luke and his paternalistic policing of April's sexuality. I don't know why he's so concerned that someone is going to "juggle" with her at Sabrina's boy/girl party. She needs to grow out of her screeching phase before there's even a slim chance of that happening.

[S7E8] Viewing Party

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Best song of the episode:Jane Birkin and Françoise Hardy ate up the budget in "French Twist," so it's nothing but indistinguishable house music at the pre-launch launch party. Weirdly enough, I don't even think there are la-las.

Rory goes from this awkward Stars Hollow dinner to the Orchid Room in New York City, where Logan and his business associates are hosting a party in celebration of ... using their generational wealth to acquire more generational wealth? I'm still not sure what their jobs entail, but buying knockoff Facebook somehow warranted the launch of a new company based in Manhattan. Logan's stint in London is coming to a close and he'll soon be just a train ride away. I hope he's able to bring his secretary, Stephen Moneypenny, with him to the states.

At the party, Rory immediately gives off strong "let's get drunk and steal another boat" vibes, but Logan is oblivious. He offers to step outside so they can talk privately, but Rory insists it's all fine because, little-known fact (lol), she's an excellent compartmentalizer. Along with the Rockefeller and Tortola douche, attendees include a couple named Boykin and Celery; someone who thinks canary diamonds are only appropriate for tacky bitches like Paris Hilton; and Hugo Gray (Lance Barber), a journalist who has just started an online magazine he describes as "Slate meets New York Times lifestyle section, before they sold out."

When I'm at parties like this, I always take the Hugo and Rory route of finding the most palatable person there and desperately clinging to them until it's appropriate to leave. It's often a good move because instead of forming a shallow connection with a bunch of randos, you actually get to know someone well enough to elicit a job opportunity. By the end of their conversation, which involves lightly vilifying the other wealthy attendees, Hugo invites Rory to submit a piece on the party for his website. In standard overachiever fashion, she stays up all night and pumps out a judgmental screed fit for flop era Jezebel. She's conciliatory when Logan expresses his antipathy, but this attitude only intensifies his anger.

Something's Gotta GiveSeason 7Episode 8Callie and Mark having fun at Cristina's housewarming party.Episode InformationAirdateNovember 11, 2010Written byWilliam HarperDirected byJeannot SzwarcEpisode GuidePreviousNextThat's Me TryingSlow Night, So Long

Top security measures go into place as a team of doctors, led by the Chief, try to save the life of a major political figure from the Middle East. Meanwhile, Cristina decides to finally decorate her new place and throw a housewarming party, and Alex shows up late from a weekend getaway to his first day of rounds with the new Pediatrics Attending, Dr. Robert Stark.

Cristina is cutting Callie's hair. Callie is curious to see the result. Callie says she needs to throw a housewarming party so she has some pressure to get this place ready. Cristina likes that idea and goes to grab her phone to text everyone to invite them over tonight. Callie has taken a mirror and is shocked to see her hair. She says she looks injured and wonders if Cristina's ever even cut hair. Cristina says she can't believe Callie let her do that. She says they'll go to the mall to fix it and advises Callie needed a hat.

Owen shocks the Emir again. They need to take him to the cath lab. Teddy's going to insert a pacemaker and asks Meredith, who just arrived, for a pacemaker kit. Teddy gets the text from Cristina and tells Owen that that's a good sign. Teddy says it's an opportunity for them to talk to her as she can't leave her own party. Donald urges the doctors to do a little less party planning. Meredith says Cristina doesn't need to talk to Meredith. She needs to give Cristina some space. Owen says they don't have the time as she'll be locked out of the program forever. He doesn't think that's what Cristina really wants. He asks if Meredith thinks so, too.

Derek and Meredith are scrubbing in. Meredith tells him they're all going to Cristina's party to talk to her. She asks him to come as he quit once and then came back. He refuses to and tells Owen and Teddy it's a bad idea as they walk in.

In the now-furnitured firehouse, Cristina is drinking while Callie's finishing up everything for the party. Derek arrives. He's too early for the party. He's not here to tell Cristina to come back, but he says a bunch of people are coming to do that.

The party at Cristina's house has begun. Jackson's drinking in the kitchen. Mark welcomes Meredith, Teddy, and Owen, and then hands the hosting duties over to Owen since he actually lives here. Mark hasn't seen Cristina, but he goes to ask Callie if she knows where Cristina is. Callie is drunk and asks Mark if she can move in with him until she can get the subletter out of her place so she can start over. They can be single together. He consents and compliments her hair.

Alex arrives at the party and sees April talking to Jackson. Jackson angrily walks up to him. Alex asks to let him talk to April, but Jackson punches him in the face repeatedly. Owen and Mark pull Jackson off Alex and Callie and Meredith stop Alex from attacking Jackson by taking him outside.

Up on the roof, Cristina says she has to go down to the party. Derek says he should go. He asks her if she's good, or if she wants to talk about something else. She asks what they're doing for bathroom tiles in their house. They sit back down as he starts talking.

Ultimately, the gang decides to use the housewarming party as an intervention to get Cristina to return to Seattle Grace. McDreamy sees the potential for disaster and steals Cristina away before her party begins. They discuss home renovations on a rooftop. 041b061a72


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