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Uday Kiran Chitram Full Movie Telugu 11 PORTABLE

Nee ammani kukkalu dhenga lanjakodaka. Chiranjeevi mee ammani dhengada lanjakodaka. uday kiran mundhu aa ramcharan gadu dheniki paniki raadu. Chiranjeevi is the only reason for the down fall of uday kiran, try to learn the facts first. Nee address cheppu lanjakodaka ninnu addanga narikestha..

uday kiran chitram full movie telugu 11

i wonder what makes you so so blind to the fact that if chiru really wanted to end UK career UK would not have done more than 1-2 films in industry from 2003..!!! is that difficult for you to understand, chiranjeevi just ignored him, and rightfully as no father would be happy with break up of daughters engagement, that UK could not salvage his career despite doing 10-11 movies from 2003 is his bad luck or what ever, how can you blame someone 10 years later that he killed his career.. so a decision by NDA govt on farmers issue in 2004 and today if some farmer dies because of that decision you blame NDA ? silly aint it ? pls stop blind hatred.. there is no point in being so naively biased , understand that UK could not deal with problems in his life.. there are people who are in worse condition in industry than U and yet struggle n fight hard to survive.. UKs was a lame and cowardly decision to end life.. deal with it..

Srija n sirish loved each other and eloped yes but what proof do you have to say sushmitha fell in love with uday kiran and wanted him to marry her , is it proclaimed by UK camp or mega camp anywhere officially ?? Or are these granny rumours ??

Stupid fellow!!! Tarun and Varun Sandesh are no where close to the star dum of uday kiran. How can you compare such an average actors with Uday Kiran. Coming to Ravi Teja he hardly have fans but he is still sustaining in film industry only because he maintained friendly relation with that chiru and he licked few big stars shoes to sustain in the industry and he still behind few big stars. He dont have humanity at all.

Uday kiran is one of the best actor in the telugu film industry, he came into movies without any backup,he can act in any kind of role,he is the most handsome guy and he cares a lot for his fanswe have 3 fans sites for uday kiran1. 2.www.ourauf.com3.www.udayfans.complease visit these sites for the updated information about the ultimate star uday kiran-kiran aufthe above article dosent make sence in any which ways and its sheer nonsence 076b4e4f54


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